He has been law Professor at Universidad Austral (1993/2000), Universidad de Belgrano (1989/2001) and Universidad de San Andrés (2000/2004).

He is Director of the Latin American Tax Law Institute (ILADT) which he chaired during the period 2005/2007.  He was also appointed President of the Commission in the conferences: Jornadas de Salvador (Bahía, 2000) and Cartagena (2010).

He is an active member of the Argentine Association of Tax Studies [Asociación Argentina de Estudios Fiscales (AAEF)] that gathers approximately 1800 lawyers and accountants dedicated to the research and development of tax studies. He served as member of the board and as President during the period 2004/2006. During his term of office and at his motion the tax law journal Revista de Tributación (2005) was created and several conferences were organized and held in Buenos Aires, such as the 59th International Fiscal Association Congress (IFA, 2005); and the XXIII Jornadas del Instituto Latinoamericano de Derecho Tributario (ILADT, 2006).

Mr. Tarsitano has published several papers, chapters of books prepared in joint collaboration with other legal scholars, articles and notes on tax law.

He is currently editor of the tax journal Revista de Derecho Fiscal (Lexis Nexis/ Abeledo Perrot), a bi-monthly publication of legal scholars’ opinions and tax court decisions, which he founded in 2007.

Mr. Tarsitano has served in the board of many professional associations, business chambers and editorials of Argentine and foreign publications.

In 2008 he was designated Honorary Member of the Tax Law Studies Institute of Uruguay [Instituto Uruguayo de Estudios Tributarios]. And in 2010 he was entitled honorary member of the Tax Research and Development Institute of Peru (Instituto Peruano de Investigación y Desarrollo Tributario)

Two of his articles were awarded the AAEF Prize for Best Article published in Argentina (1995 and 2002).

Mr. Tarsitano is a member of the International Fiscal Association (IFA) as from 1994.  He regularly attends IFA's Congresses and was twice appointed Local Branch Reporter (1988 and 2010) and Speaker in the Vienna Congress in 2004.

During the last decade Mr. Tarsitano has been ranked in the first level  in publications such as Chambers & Partners, Who is Who, International Tax Law Review and the Argentine journal Apertura.

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